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I thought it would be valuable for you to know who this guy is, who’s writing the content of this website and blog. That’s why I am posting all of this. Simply stated, I am currently 71 years old, which puts me at the very start of the Baby Boomer Generation. I have spent my life having everyone from my age to 20 years younger loving everything I love, and realizing that I loved all of these things before any of them (you). I then made the most of that “special gift” in every aspect of my life. I spent a career in marketing, helping companies sell products and services that Baby Boomers didn’t know they wanted or needed till I told them they wanted and needed them. Ha!

So, why BoomerHealthy.com?

This site will talk to users about all aspects of what’s happening to people age 72-64…Baby Boomers. Health, investments, retirement, dating, politics, social action…all the things we’re most interested in. But we’ll start with health because it comes up most in conversation these days. I try to avoid it, but it’s important to everyone in our generation. We’re falling apart and it’s important to know how to deal with it. The great news is that, like everything else we Boomers experience, science and technology have made our health and wellness the best of any generation ever.

I have been very fortunate in that I had practically no health issues throughout my life. The only real problems I had were self-inflicted injuries in baseball, football and rugby. The worst ailment I had was a pilonidal cyst and that got me out of Navy flight during the Viet Nam war. So, I have been blessed.

Until a couple of years ago. Just in 2018, I have gone through gum disease leading to dental implants and next up is cataract surgery and a hip replacement due to arthritis. So, the ravages of time are on me. But again, Boomers prevail. Not only am I younger and healthier than anyone in any previous generation…as we all are…but science and technology are “just ahead” of me and my ailments at every step. Today cataract surgery and hip replacements are 98% successful and “routine” according to my doctor. Who’da thought? Like I said…we are the blessed generation.

So, I will walk you through everything I’ve been going through, all the remedies and supplements and witchcraft for all of these common ailments, plus the stitch-by-stitch update on the surgeries and recuperation. It’ll help the next wave deal with it all. Plus I am lining up “experts” in senior healthcare plus other “patients” with other senior ailments and issues. We’ll cover it all and get you the best information possible.

Then we’ll go to the fun stuff like beaches, retirement, golf, tennis and funeral services.

Your part in all of this is sharing. Comment, critique, disagree, whatever float your boat. This needs to be valuable for you or it’s all for naught.

Talk soon.

Tom Schwing

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