Baby Boomers Health Care Challenges – How to Overcome Them and Thrive

As the first wave of us Baby Boomers cross into retirement and face “old age”, our two biggest Baby Boomers Health Care challenges are our health and how to manage on a fixed income. Statistically, the great majority of us haven’t saved enough for our Golden Years. That creates one overarching issue… Baby Boomers Health Care Challenges. Not only how do we maintain our health, but how do we pay for it.

The Moment of Truth

Our health care concerns are made significantly more disturbing in the current political and governmental situation. Let’s face it, there isn’t one person in this current Administration or this Congress who have any idea what the “average couple” goes through financially. All of these people, on both sides of the aisle are almost to a person extremely well off individuals. Even if the majority of them are now Baby Boomers themselves, they are not sharing our concerns, fact, they are exacerbating them. The Affordable Healthcare Act was a huge step forward for Baby Boomers and older people. This group in charge now doesn’t care at all about the truth of what a great law that is (was). All they care about is wiping anything related to President Obama from the books. Great, very mature government. Thanks for that.

But the key for Baby Boomers on this point is to not sit idly by and allow laws that benefit our health or well-being to go without major push back from us. This article is not meant as a political rant, but this is a key point. I don’t care where you fall politically, either way we are all getting screwed by these health care and “budget cutting” laws over the past couple of years. Don’t believe the rhetoric from either side. Do you own research. There is truth out there. Find it. Don’t rely on Foc News or CNN. Take a look…half of their advertising is for pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and investment counselors. Who do you think their audience is? It’s us, ladies and gentlemen, and we are being misled as deliberately as any propaganda machine can do it. So, be diligent in your research, think independently, and VOTE.

So, What Should You Do?

Baby Boomers Health Care Challenges fall into four basic sections:

1. Health Care Services we need

2. Health Care Costs

3. The resulting issues of those two areas

4. How to manage it all

Health Care Services We Need

As with the total population around the world, our health care challenges are almost as numerous as the other 7.5 Billion people in the conversation. That said, there are some key areas that people aged 54 – 72 focus on that Millennials don’t have to worry about…maybe ever. Like an aging car…whether it’s a top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz or a Yugo…the parts start to wear out and the fluids need to be changed. Fortunately most of us have been able to avoid major medical or surgical issues. So, we/ve never been to an orthopedic surgeon, or a dermatologist, or even an ophthalmologist. Not so after 65.

I’m beginning to sound like an authority basher, but, just like the US government and our news sources, don’t always believe just your primary doctor. Talk to other people who have had similar procedures or diagnoses. Your friends and family will know people. Check the doctors and drugs out online. Again, be critical.

Pharmaceuticals are even more important than medical procedures. American medical schools are very far behind the rest of the world in our education about alternative medicines, holistic procedures and very important side effects of drugs. Plus, those same medical schools are funded in large part by the drug companies. So, what can we expect from our doctors? “Take two of these and call me in the morning.” Making that situation even worse is that we Baby Boomer patients grew up accepting those prescriptions. Our parents thought those drugs were “wonder drugs”. They weren’t and they aren’t. Before you start yelling at me, I acknowledge that there are still some ailments that must be medicated effectively. But every day we are hearing more and more cases of “Eastern” medicines and alternative remedies. And they work. So, don’t go blindly into the dark night of prescription medicine.

Handling Baby Boomer Health Care Costs

Okay, so we all know what the ailments are, how our bodies are beginning to fail us, and how the health care system doesn’t seem ready or able to help us through. Those are daunting issues, particularly as our memory and creativity are drying up simultaneously. But then, to add insult to literal injury, the cost of health care is rising and about to rise even higher thanks to our current government.

The “Affordable Health Care Act” was named that for one simple, very important reason. It gave us all affordable health care services and it covered preexisting issues. That is one huge component for people at our age who have had lifetimes to create preexisting health issues. That is what our Congress is trying…and succeeding in abolishing. If you support the government officials who are doing this to you, you should leave this site immediately because you will not get any value from anything I say.

Contrary to what you hear on Fox News, the vast majority of Americans…in particular those older than 50 years of age…were beginning to see much lower health care costs. And those same people were receiving services and benefits they had never received. Now, in the last few months those two critical services have vanished. If you haven’t seen it personally, then you need to visit our doctor soon. You’ll be amazed and what you’ve already lost.

And another insult to the injury is that about 1% of Baby Boomers who have retired are still earning some income. The rest of us are on some level of fixed income. Granted the wealthy group has a much larger “fixed income”, but still it’s not growing anymore and you won’t be seeing any raises soon. So, even for the wealthiest among us, that is a problem, Health Care cost continue to rise as the medical, pharmaceutical and insurance companies continue to lobby Congress for higher and higher prices…and now they are getting everything they are asking for. Your fixed income cannot keep pace with these increasing costs.

The Bottom Line… The Literal Bottom Line

So, what can we do? Educate yourself, think critically, don’t believe the “establishment” (I sound like 1968…right?). And most importantly, speak out. Use every medium you have. Public meetings, letters to the editor, Facebook, Twitter (if it’s good enough for Trump, it’s good enough for you)…whatever media you like. Use it. Make your voice heard. Go to Earth Day Rallies, Women;s Marches, Health Rights forums, political caucuses.

We’re Baby Boomers, people! You know how it works. You’ll just be walking a little slower.

As usual, all of this is up for discussion. Please let me know what you think. Use the comments section and fire away. None of this works if you don’t begin to speak out. Start right now. I need to build my comments profile anyway, so please let me know what you think.  Thanks.





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