Baby Boomers Health Wellness – It’s Time to Take Care of Yourself

Health and Wellness Top the List for Baby Boomers

We all know the statistics…Baby Boomers are that giant population worldwide born after WWII,  From 1946 to 1964.  People who are now 72 – 54 years old.  We’ve had a huge impact on the world.  And now we are approaching the “aging” time in our lives.  There are so many questions about how to deal with growing old.  We’re actually healthier and better educated than any previous generation.  We all look and fee 20 years younger than our parents did at the same age.  But even then, there are very important questions we need to answer to make our “old folks” lives as vibrant, positive and happy as we can.  Of all of those questions, our health and wellness are at the top of the list because, without health and wellness, all of the other concerns are meaningless.

Aging, Ailments and Anxiety

We’re all dealing with at least one of the Baby Boomers health and wellness issues:  heart disease, cancer, arthritis, cataracts, dementia, Alsheimers, hearing loss, strokes, liver and/or kidney failure, joint pain, back pain, migraines. dentures.  Baby Boomers health and wellness comes at a time when we have simultaneously vanquished many historically life-ending diseases while at the same time facing new, previously unforeseen illnesses.  We’re outliving all previous generations, and that in itself is opening us up for many medical issues that no generation ever faced.  Plus, we are the generation that has been hit hardest by ongoing air and water pollution, insecticide pollution and drugs in our food and water.

Just like high-tech innovations, these invaders are coming at us faster than we can figure out how to handle them.  Some are quick, debilitating or even fatal tragedies.  Others are slow and indisious.  Either way, they strike fear and dread into all of us.  Almost all of us have faced these issues as children while helping our parents or siblings through their own ordeals, so we know a lot about what to expect.  And none of it is good news.

So, What’s the Answer?

Actually there are many great answers to Baby Boomers health wellness questions…with more new ideas and solutions coming every day.  There are some of us who choose to stick their heads in the sand and accept whatever comes.  Those people probably spent their first 60 years doing exactly the same thing.  I’m not going to waste my time talking to those people.

Baby Boomers were famous for taking on massive problems head-on and defeating them…civil rights, unjust wars, women’s rights..  You name it…we took it on.  We can do the same thing in health and wellness.boomer healthy pills

For many of our ailments, the only possible solution is major surgery or medical treatments.  These typically come with equal or worse side effects.  Our biggest problem is the strength and pervasiveness of the pharmaceuticals industry who literally own Congress and the FDA.  Plus our medical schools are woefully behind the times…or under the thumb of the same pharmaceutical industry…who prescribe surgery or medication as routine.  This, hopefully, will change over time as patients become better educated and more vocal in their choices.  Again, there is the “old school” percentage of our ranks who go blindly into these options even if there are better, more holistic, safer alternatives.  Again, if prescription medication or surgery are the best or only option, go for it.  I would.  But today there are many, many better options.

Mr. and Ms. Natural

Avoiding negative side effects or the trauma of major surgery should definitely be your first priority.  Fortunately, in 2018 you have better options on almost every medical decision.  Holistic, natural or organic drugs are available in almost every category.  No matter how much muscle the pharmaceutical lobbyists force on federal and state governemnts against these alternatives, natural drugs are steadily growing, primarily because of the avoidance of side effects.  This is also true for knee-jerk (pardon the pun) decisions to operate on every ailment.  Stem cell alternatives are quickly growing in viability.  And even the insurance companies (another major problem blocking us from great alternatives) are seeing the light.  Physical therapy can often be a solution as opposed to just an alternative.  Look into it.  I am a walking example of the benefits of physical therapy.  And all my doctor and girlfriend could suggest was hip surgery.  Not gonna happen.

Be sure to ask your doctor about alternatives to addictive medications and surgery.  And then do your own research.  It’s sad to say, but your doctor may have self-serving or lack of education issues that will not be in your best interest.  And look outside the US.  Our lobby-driven government is definitely not on the side of the patient.  Many other countries, even our closest neighbors, often have much better alternatives.

Take Care of Yourself

The best advice is to take your life and aging into your own hands.  Be proactive.  Before any of these issues crop up…or even if they already have…start the offensive.  Eat better, drink a lot of water, avoid unhealthy habits, change your unhealthy habits, work out, exercise, meditate, take vitamins and supplements. 

All of these can make a huge difference in your life going forward.  I hear a lot of negative reluctance from my peer Boomers.  We haven’t yet learned the value of cleansing, of dieting, of yoga and Tai Chi, of Transcental Meditation. “That’s all Hippy Crap.”  I hear that a lot.  Well, get over it.  It beats the hell out of martinis, T-bones and Whoppers.  I’ll admit it.  Kale does not compare to a Blizzard.

You don’t have to go overboard.  Swap vodka for red wine.  Swap your Big Mac for an occasional veggie burger (you’ll be stunned by what they’ve done with veggie burgers).  Swap your Coke or Pepsi for iced tea or lemonade.  And if you’re still smoking…you’re just an idiot.

The key is to consult a homeipathic doctor in addition to your regular medical doctor.  Get a second opinion.  Homeopathy is preventive.  So you need to make it happen now.  Don’t wait.  Do it before you run into any problems.  Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

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