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Joint Pain Remedy Reviews -ADHEMP Recover Natural Hemp Oil Pain Relief Cream

I am going through a typical Baby Boomer health and wellness issue, arthritis.  I’m amazed how many other people my age have some form of arthritis.

A major panacea for me came as a fortunate resident of Colorado.  CBD ointment.  Again, for the uninitiated, this the legal derivative of hemp that can be sold in all states that are enlightened enough to allow medical marijuana laws.

In Colorado, I could buy the THC version of the salve.  Again for the uneducated, THC is the ingredient in marijuana that helps with joint pain, helps with digestion, helps many cancer patients deal with the side effects of chemo therapy and…oh yeah, it makes smoking a joint much more fun.

I bought some THC slave at a local weed dispensary in Denver.  I had very high expectations.  Zero impact.  I know, disappointing, right?  So I tried a CBD version of the same salve.  Even less impact.

But then I found another product on, ADHEMP Recover Cream and that worked much better.

If you want to shop and compare medical hemp products, check out  They offer a wide variety of oils, creams, salves, vapes and pills.  (some in the picture below)  And some of these are made for relaxation and sleep enhancement, not strong enough for direct pain relief. also offers a wide variety of hemp CDB oils and supplements.  The one I like best was ADHEMP Recover Natural Hemp Oil Pain Relief Cream.   This product can be applied directly on my hip without the oiliness of the natural oils.

Give this a try if you’re not getting relief from over-the-counter salves or supplements.  You’ll be happy.

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