Physical Therapy – A Key to Baby Boomer Health and Wellness

I’ll give you a little context here. Physical Therapy can be valuable in almost any instance. I’ve gone through PT programs several times in my life, particularly as a young athlete after a variety of injuries. PT always helped relieve pain and shorten recuperation.

When I was diagnosed with arthritis of the hip a few years ago, it was Physical Therapy that gave me the majority of my pain relief. Now, following my Total Hip Replacement surgery, Physical Therapy is a primary component for my recuperation, particularly if I want to recuperate as quickly as I plan to do.

Start the Physical Therapy

Just two weeks after my surgery, I had my first PT session the other day. My surgeon gave me a long list of recommended Physical Therapists in Denver. I interviewed a few, just as diligently as I had my Primary Physician and my surgeon. I finally selected Cherry Creek Wellness Center.

The first session included a bunch of paperwork (what’s new) and an introduction to Ryan Smith who will be my primary Physical Therapist. Ryan did a great job of interviewing me to get a sense of my past…”way back” past…plus my recent PT regimen prior to my surgery, and now what do I want/hope to accomplish, what are my goals for this PT program and how quickly I hope to achieve them. He ran me through 4 initial exercises that would speed me to my goals and maximize my recuperation.

I did Ryan’s exercises 3X per day for 4 days as he recommended. I started feeling stronger and less pain immediately. Plus, I felt significant relief of lower back pain which wasn’t even in the equation.

Today I returned to the Fitness Center and met with Brooke Pitman because Ryan splits his time between a couple of Cherry Creek’s centers. Brooke again spent time getting to know me. She was fully updated from Ryan’s notes on my page of their site. That’s always gratifying as opposed to being asked every detail again. Brooke took me up a notch in my exercises, based on the success I told her about since meeting with Ryan. Basically, she just added a bit more effort to a couple of the exercises. I really felt the difference and look forward to doing the new regimen this week.

I will see either Ryan or Brooke twice a week for the next four weeks. Looking forward to every minute of this. It’s already exciting how many of my friends comment on my rapid recovery. The surgery was 3 weeks ago today, and not only am I walking “normally” which I wasn’t for the last 5 years, but I am totally painless and catch myself doing little every-day things like tying my left shoe or putting on my left sock without any pain. These little things are extremely important and even exciting, as I am sure many of you have experienced.

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