Sundresses, Minivans and Kurt Vonnegut

When I was a college freshman, I noticed very quickly that the junior and senior men wore coats and ties to class.  Freshmen wore bell bottoms, tank tops and flip-flops. did or said anything, but I learned later that the older guys hated us for it. We didn’t care. We were comfortable.  And I know they weren’t.

Later that same year, I noticed something even more important: new things that I liked….and many times no one but me liked…became very popular, very quickly. Beards, sundresses (on the girls), Cream, weed, Peter Max, bare feet, Kurt Vonnegut, minivans, Rolling Stone. One day, everyone but me hated all of these things…the next…well, you know.

I learned to accept my new role, embrace it, use it.

Eventually I learned the term “Baby Boomer”. AHA!!

No need to tell you how that played out. You were there. Let’s just say I have had a very successful marketing career keeping my role as a “Year 2” Baby boomer at the top of my mind in many, many decisions.

Fast Forward

We changed the world. Beyond our college campuses, beyond our home towns, beyond the US. We changed the whole world. You know it.

Then suddenly…seemed like overnight…we became our parents.  

We became responsible, conservative (well, more conservative), we had to make money.  My sense is that we never lost the core ideals, the passion, the caring. We re-prioritized to diapers, daycare, salaries, schedules and Subarus.  Still not sure about some of the career or car choices, but the parenting choices were exactly right.

Now our kids have their own kids.  Now is the time to rekindle the fire, retake the mountain. Everything we improved is currently under siege in the last couple of years. All of our progress is quickly being eroded.  We find ourselves back in 1950…even 1937.

Diapers to Diapers

Today I hear a lot of talk from younger people that not only have Boomers “lost the passion” and “given up”, but that we don’t care anymore.

You know that’s not true. We still care.  We’re still passionate.  We need to get more involved.

But diapers are now arthritis (or even worse, diapers). Daycare is senior care. Salaries are social security. Schedules are governed by swollen prostrates. Subarus are Ubers…soon to be walkers

Our goal now is to take back time. We’re healthier than any previous generation. We all look and feel 20 years younger than our age.

Seize this day and make it last even longer.  

That’s what this site is all about…everything you need to have and need to know to max your health, your fitness, your vitality, your life.

Check it out. And remember, this is a dialog…a conversation.  Please share and speak up. We all benefit if you do.

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