The Willow Curve – Another Valuable Solution for Boomer Health and Wellness

Just When You Thought I Had Said Everything About Arthritis

If you’ve been reading, you know I just had a total hip replacement so I could overcome my osteoarthritis and get back to hiking, biking, golf and tennis. My own adventure does not stop me from seeking out alternatives for all of my readers.

Two weeks to the day after my surgery, a friend and I were talking about my journey. She listened attentively and asked several very educated questions. She finally explained that her knowledge came from her grandmother who is suffering with fairly severe osteoarthritis. She has tried a multitude of supplements, medications and “cures” and wants to avoid surgery. I can definitely relate to that since I tried the same path prior to giving in to surgery.

Well, the good news is that “Grammy” may never get to surgery. She found The Willow Curve through a friend of hers. She now swears by this new technology.

What is The Willow Curve?

The Willow Curve is a portable, low-level laser designed to help temporarily reduce pain without the use of potentially harmful medications or invasive surgeries. This digital pain-reducing device is easy and painless to use. It has no side effects, nor does it require any recovery time.

This is straight off the Willow Curve website, but this was exactly what I was looking for a couple of years ago. Too bad I didn’t meet Granny.

The Willow Curve works to temporarily reduce many types of pain, ranging from arthritis to acute knee pain due to injury. Professional athletes, medical professionals, Navy SEALS, and countless other satisfied customers trust the Willow Curve to help in the temporary reduction of their joint pain.

  • Pain Relief Without Medication
  • No Harmful Side Effects
  • Diagnostic Sensors Regulate Treatments
  • Increases Blood and Lymphatic Flow
  • Reduces Joint Stiffness
  • Removes Toxic Debris from Joints
  • Reduces Nerve Sensitivity and Slows Response Time
  • Promotes and Accelerates Healing

According to “Granny” and a few of her friends she recommended, this really works. The relief is “temporary” depending on the severity and cause of the individual’s pain. But I know I would have definitely taken “temporary” a couple of years ago. “Just get me through the back nine.” For you non-golfers, that means “please help me walk through the second half of a golf game.”

So, What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Of course there are naysayers.  We all know how this story goes:  some high tech or pharmaceutical company comes up with a solution to one of our many physical…or psychological…problems.  The FDA or whoever is responsible, blesses it or at least allows it.  Then everyone on Yelp! or HighYa jumps in with all of the negatives.

It’s the new American way.  It’s great.  I am the first guy in line to support free speech, particular with this current administration.

So, take a look at this site post… which does a great job of questioning and answering of the claims about The Willow Curve.

Is This Techie Mumbo Jumbo?

The answer, at least from what I could find online versus what the humans I talked to told me: No.  Even the HighYa criticism says the claims are viable, just maybe not for everyone, or every issue.   And it’s not cheap.

Again, I will shamelessly lift from the Willow Curve website, primarily because they can describe their technology better than I can.

The Willow Curve is a smart computer, at the beginning of each treatment it assesses the condition of your joint and delivers a targeted, customized “digital prescription” based on the assessment. Photonic and thermal kinetic energies are emitted and absorbed through the skin, triggering a series of helpful responses in the body.

  • Diagnostic sensors gather information from the surface of your skin. Your body’s responses help determine the appropriate algorithm of treatment that the Willow Curve is about to deliver.
  • Photonic and thermal kinetic energies stimulate 15 bio-physiological processes for treating the joint and surrounding tissues.
  • Vasodilation, or the widening of blood vessels, and stimulated processes within the cells increase circulation. This helps with pain relief and detoxification.
  • Increased lymphatic flow and immune system response aids detoxification and reduces swelling. The production of new inflammatory cells is also reduced with treatment.
  • Nerve response time is slowed, reducing the perception of pain.
  • Endorphins are released, also reducing the perception of pain.
  • Toxic debris in the joint, a cause of inflammation and pain, is cleared away with increased circulation.
  • Specific pain receptors are blocked, which promotes pain relief

The Upshot… The Recommendation

I came away from my research and my conversations with actual “patients” with two primary points:

First, I wish I had learned about The Willow Curve in 2015 when my arthritis really stopped my life. I’m not saying I would not have finally gone to total hip replacement, but if you’re like me,”temporary” relief is a pretty good alternative to major surgery. As those of you who read this site know, the jury is still out on my choice of total hip replacement. Everything’s going extremely well. But I’m not walking 18 yet (another golf insider reference…sorry).

So, for those of you…like me…who want to avoid “major surgery”, The Willow Curve may be your solution.

Second, it ain’t cheap.

All of us Boomers, no matter our income level, look for the best solution for the price. From what I learned, The Willow Curve is not covered by most major insurance carriers. Sorta like stem cell solutions at this point.

My complete total hip replacement cost me $295, plus $100 in co-payments to the surgeon, plus $11.00 for my Oxycodone prescription. Grand total: $406.

And this solution…at least as everyone has told me so far…is “final”, cured, not temporary.

The Willow Curve costs $799. You can buy a “Re-certified” version for $499, meaning “use” or “pre-owned” as the Audi dealers call it. The primary difference is a 1-year warranty for the new version and a 180-day warranty for the “Re certified” version.

Either way, The Willow Curve costs more than my total hip replacement. And either is “temporary” versus my “final”, cured, not temporary” solution for surgery.

But then the other, very compelling part of the argument is “major surgery”. I totally get that. I avoided it for 4 years and I can’t tell you here and now, even with the awesome outcome of my surgery, that I wouldn’t at least have given The Willow Curve a try prior to carving into my tissue. Had I only known.

And the other positive argument for The Willow Curve is, “what the hell, give it a try and then, if it doesn’t work, or if ‘temporary’ isn’t enough, go ahead from there and have the surgery.” My surgeon is going to hate me for that advice.

With that in mind, one final note of caution: As I always say, get your Primary Care Physician’s blessing before trying The Willow Curve. Talk to him/her about the option and see what they say. There is never any good reason to dive into decisions like this without “professional” advice.

Finally, I recommend buying The Willow Curve online from Amazon. You can buy it directly from The Willow Curve site. And the price is the same. But Amazon, as always, provides better shipping pricing, guaranties and customer support.







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